Master Design…
Decorating by “The Book”

Seven Biblical Principles for Home Decorating
By Cindy Bayer

Jerusalem, the center of creativity from time immemorial, was a fitting backdrop for the development of this study which will encourage you to seek a spark of God’s own inspiration to fill your living space. Born out of a difficult personal journey that forced a new reliance upon God, I learned that He, as The Master Designer, can be trusted to care about all that surrounds me and that even in the details of decorating a home, He wants to highlight His attributes to remind me of His love.


What is your decorating style? Does it follow current trends or is it based solely on how you want others to perceive your personal taste and interests? Are you tired of trends like Eastern philosophy Feng Shui that focus only upon the natural creation rather than draw attention to the Creator of the universe? Have you been holding back on decorating your space because your planned stay there is very temporary? Do you want your home or apartment to be a sanctuary built using principles that have been drawn from a blueprint which is ageless?


That blueprint is the Bible and the author’s ideas are the epitome of creativity. Trends come and go, but principles of the Bible have remained timeless and applicable to the lives of men and women. Looking at those places where God chose to share His space with people can give you a spiritual guideline that will spark your own creativity and draw you into an ancient book guaranteed to change your life.


The Master Design Study Guide begins with a look at the creation story as God’s first “home” for man and how it was designed to be a sanctuary of security, order, creative expression, and love. Both the Israelite Tabernacle in the wilderness and later the Temple built at Jerusalem are very detailed patterns which were communicated by God to Moses and King David. As archaic as these residences might seem to the modern homeowner, there are very relevant truths which can be applied to today’s home décor. These dwelling places were worship-oriented and reflected The Designer’s desire to tell His story through the décor.


By studying these patterns and recognizing how important “theme” is to decorating, you will learn how even small details of your décor matter. Topics include a study of the symbolic character of colors mentioned in the Bible, seasonal decorating from a Biblical basis, displaying your memories in a way which aids in passing your faith on to both children and guests, and ways of filling your home with thought provoking “parables” which will lead to stimulating discussions. Discover how to follow God’s example of presenting spiritual truths using natural objects. Your search for ways to express those spiritual truths can become a scavenger hunt with an eternal purpose.


Just as your life was designed by God for purpose, the place where you live should be an exciting reflection of His character, from the canvas of colors on walls and ceilings to the choices you make in fabrics and textures. Your home and garden can be the venues for sharing stories which draw others to a deeper faith. With God as the reference point for everything creative, He can be trusted to offer expert advice and direction for a home as the Master Designer, Who transforms a house or apartment into a place for worship and spiritual growth.


Master Design… Decorating by “The Book” is a a book and study guide that can be worked through individually or in a small group setting. Eight is the Hebrew number of new beginnings. Are you ready for a new beginning in your home? The eight-week format is planned to stimulate your own creativity. Using the Hebrew Scriptures as a textbook, you will learn to appreciate the intricacy of God’s creation and how He longs to be seen as the lover of your soul.

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