Our Vision

The Writers’ Gathering Jerusalem invites established writers whose body of work is life-affirming and redemptive, for a fully sponsored 7-10 day immersion in the Land of the Bible. The writers explore the history of this ancient crossroads, both past and present, while experiencing the variety of people who call this place “home”….from artists to archaeologists, fishermen to farmers, soldiers to shopkeepers, political leaders to news reporters. They walk this historic land which continues to affect the very pulse of our world today.


Our hope is that they will be inspired and encouraged to write stories that are truthful, uplifting, and healing…instead of stories of fear, distortion, and conflict, which most of the global media generates about this place.


As past participants return home with ideas for scripts, plays, or novels we encourage them to bring their creative work to Israel in the form of shooting their film or staging their performance here.

We are sowing seeds…seeds that will hopefully bear fruit for stories that will nurture goodness and healing, reflecting truthfully this complex yet innately beautiful land.

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